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Business Ethics

Companies Acting on their Ethical Codes

Please, I need help finding a news article regarding a business doing the "right thing." and writing notes about the corporate culture and ethics' impact and implications. Thanks.

Legal and Ethical Issues in Organizations: Issues and Prevention

Legal and ethical issues can arise in any organization. How might these issues be different? What sort of relationship exists between the two? Provide an example of each from current events. What might the organizations involved have done differently to prevent these legal and ethical issues

Ethical qualities

"It has been suggested that "ethical conduct" be formally incorporated as a general competency requirement for any job within the organization". Read the attached article about developing and screening for "character qualities", and discuss your thoughts about the feasibility of screening for character qualities (including ethic

Leadership and Ethical Decision-Making in Compliance Officer Role

Upon returning to the office after your discussion with peers at the Annual Compliance Officers Conference, you decide to further explore the topic of leadership. Specifically, you will research the theoretical bases of leadership and the various styles, including how they can affect the organization. Use the Library, Interne

You are the manager for the shipping department of a large manufacturing firm

You are the manager for the shipping department of a large manufacturing firm. You became manager by being promoted from within. Even though you feel that you have become acclimated to your managerial role, you are still friends with and do things socially with your subordinates (formerly your peers). They come to you for advice

Parameters of Ethical Decision Making

Evaluate John Rawls' Theory of Justice as Fairness and other approaches to ethical decision making including Utilitarianism, Universalism, Rights, Justice and Ethical Virtue. Analyze the approach you feel works best in resolving ethical dilemmas. Once you have chosen an approach you feel is best, apply an ethical issue you have

Ethical Dilemma of Aspirin

A manufacturer of aspirin had its marketing research department conduct a national survey among doctors to investigate what common household remedies doctors would most likely recommend when treating a patient with a cold. The question asked doctors to pick the one product they would most likely prescribe for their patients from

Ethical Ramifications of Insider Trading

A data processing analyst for a research supplier finds that a preliminary computer run of survey results shows that consumers love a client's new product. The employee buys a large block of the client's stock. Discuss the ethical ramifications of this decision. Which research participant or participants will be harmed by this

Ethical Issues in Developing Technology

What are the biggest ethical issues faced by those developing technology and how can these issues be accounted for in strategic planning? How are the ethics of developing and distributing technology the same or different from other types of corporate social responsibility?

Explain the UCC.

Can you summarize the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) for me? Its use, allowances, who it favours?

A potentially unethical accounting situation

What is an example of a potentially unethical accounting situation? Why is the situation unethical? How do ethics affect a company's financial results? Do you think the Sarbanes-Oxley Act has made a difference in the ethical behavior of companies regarding their financial accounting? Why or why not?

Help with Ethical issues in Accounting.

I need some help with the following scenario: Gianna Tuck is an accountant for Post Pharmaceuticals. Her duties include tracking research and development spending in the new product development division. Over the course of the past six months, Gianna notices that a great deal of funds have been spent ona particular product fo

Integrity and Ethical Communication

I need some help with the following scenario: A new position, which would be a promotion for you, opens at your place of employment. You confide in your colleague Taylor that you are going to apply for the position because you need the extra income. Then Taylor tells your manager that you are only applying "for the money," no

Is spyware ethical? Why or why not?

Is spyware ethical? Why or why not? The notion of what constitutes spyware is still a bit unsure. No one quite agrees on a definition, but generally speaking, spyware is software (or, less frequently, hardware) installed on a computer without the target user's knowledge and meant to monitor the user's conduct. Most of the tim

Ethical Decision Making: Property, Plant and Equipment

Andrea Pafko, corporate comptroller for Nicholson Industries, is trying to decide how to present "Property, plant and equipment" in the balance sheet. She realizes that the statement of cash flows will show that the company made a significant investment in purchasing new equipment this year, but overall she knows the company's p

Residence Suites operates a regional hotel chain

Ethical question: Residence Suites operates a regional hotel chain. Each hotel is operated by a manager and an assistant manager/controller. Many of the staff who run the front desk, clean the rooms, and prepare the breakfast buffet work part-time or have a second job so turnover is high. Assistant manager/controller Terry

What is unethical about Ford's actions in the Pinto case?

1) Summarize what is unethical about the actions that Ford took in the Pinto case article. Specifically, they failed to recall the Pinto when they had data that suggested it was dangerous. 2) What you think about their decision to calculate how much they would pay for each death suffered from the dangerous car rather than rec

Ethical Business Issues

I need help with answering the following: Identify one ethical dilemma of a specific market player (mortgage companies - in general as a major market player, with examples). - How did this dilemma start? What contributed to this? - What role did incentives, regulation and other relevant factors play in the emergence of the

Becky Knauer

Becky Knauer recently resigned from her position as controller for Shamalay Automotive, a small, struggling foreign car dealer in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. Becky has just started a new job as controller for Mueller Imports, a much larger dealer for the same car manufacturer. Demand for this particular make of car is explod

Looking a Gift Horse in the Eye, 1031 exchange

Looking a Gift Horse in the Eye. Walter rarely sees his uncle George because George is a devoted world traveler. On January 15,2011, Walter received an envelope that George had mailed to him from Singapore on December 13,2010. The envelope contained a Christmas card from George and 1,000 shares of stock of lavender, inc. in

Ethical Misconduct

Kate Essex is the supervisor of the customer service representative group for, a manufacturer of novelty items. This group spends its workday answering calls, and sometimes placing calls, to customers to assist in solving a variety of issues about orders previously placed with the company. The company has a rule th

Preventing Ethical Misconduct

Consider the fictional case of Medical Advisors Management Services (MAMS), a small business that provides the mid-office services for three thousands medical groups (physicians' offices) in the US, Caribbean, Cayman Islands and Canada. They manage patient scheduling and provide on-line payment of bills by both insurance compani

Ethical issues of software programs in European Unions

Stan Sewell paid $50,000 for a franchise that entitled him to market software programs in the countries of the European Union. Sewell intended to sell individual franchises for the major language groups of Western Europe?German, French, English, Spanish, and Italian. Naturally, investors considering buying a franchise from Sewel