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Policy Implementaion

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Your work with UWEAR and PALEDENIM has been completed. You have sent an e-mail to the client requesting feedback on any final requests before you close the project. Tom Tramlin, the chief executive officer (CEO), has sent you the following e-mail in response:
It has been a pleasure working with you on this project. For your final deliverable, we are requesting a comprehensive code of conduct framework that we can use to build upon as we move forward. What I envision is an outline that includes the 3 policies that you have drafted during your work here, along with basic standard policies that we should implement, as follows:
- Reporting violations
- Compliance with laws and regulatory orders
- Any additional policies that you feel are pertinent
You review the work that you have completed to date for UWEAR and PALEDENIM and consider what you should include in your final submission. Answer the following in a paper of 3-5 pages:
- What would be the best possible deliverable that you could offer to your client?
- What do you know about their code of conduct?
- What should be included that you have not already established?
- What standard policies could be incorporated for UWEAR and PALEDENIM that they can utilize?

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Step 1: What would be the best possible deliverable that you could offer to your client?
First, the company has asked for two policies on reporting violations and compliance with laws and regulatory orders.
Reporting violations:
The directors, employees, and officers of UWEAR and PALEDENIM are strongly encouraged to report suspected violations of this policy to their superior, or to any member of the ethics committee the person is comfortable in approaching. UWEAR and PALEDENIM have established a toll free hotline 1-800-232-3625 that can be used to report suspected violations. Any officer, director, or employee who in good faith reports a violation shall not be subject to harassment, retaliation, or any step that harms his employment. The person who retaliates against someone who has reported a violation in good faith will be disciplined with fines, demotion, or termination. It is important that the person who is reporting the violation does so in good faith and have grounds to believe that the information indicates that such a violation has actually taken place. if it is found that allegations were spitefully made and were false will be viewed as a serious offense and will attract disciplinary action.
Compliance with laws and regulatory orders:
UWEAR and PALEDENIM policy is that it will fully comply with all United States and State laws/regulatory orders that affect its activities. It is the policy of UWEAR and PALEDENIM that all its Directors, Officers, and employees should be aware, and have an understanding of all the laws, rules, and ...

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