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    Strategy of Amazon

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    I have been producing "Strategic Audit" for the Amazon.com. I am having a little trouble about to implementaion process and evaluation and control. I am looking to get some help understanding the correct reseach for the project to have a clear understanding.

    I looking for Clairification on :
    1. implementation
    2. Evaluation
    3. Control

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    Amazon.com is amazing online super mart selling numerous items including book for which it is famous for. Now it is one of the world's leading online retailers with over 17 million customer accounts in over 150 countries. The company sells books, music, DVDs, videos, toys, electronics software, video games, home improvement products amongst others. Through its marketplace services- amazon.com auctions, zshops etc. the company has created web-based marketplaces where buyers and sellers enter into transactions involving a wide range of products.

    As the company states in its 199 10-k:

    "We offer our customers a superior shopping experience by providing high value through selection, convenience, ease of use, low prices, product information and an intense focus on customer service. We are a proven technology leader, having developed electronic commerce innovations such as 1-click technology, personalized shopping services, easy to use search and browse features, secure payment protections, and wireless access to our stores."
    In their 2005 SEC filing, Amazon describes the vision of their business as to:
    "Relentlessly focus on customer experience by offering our customers low prices, convenience, and a wide selection of merchandise."

    1. Analysis of Strategic Factors

    SWOT Analysis
    Analysis of External Environment

    Socio & Economic Factors
    One has monitor the economic trends like ...

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