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Business Ethics

Ethical dimensions of Cal and Harry: Should Cal give a letter

C) As an executive in a mid-sized manufacturing firm, Cal finds himself thrown together with Harry, who works for a unit Cal oversees. He and Harry are in the same community; their children are in the same schools; they often show up at the same social functions; and they play golf together fairly frequently. One day, to Cal's d

Ethical Issues and Foreign Investments: World Bank and Latin America health care

There are multifaceted ethical issues relating to international investments. One aspect relates to human rights. Most Latin American governments have constitutions that mandate health care as a human right, yet some of these countries provide poor health care for the majority of their population. During the 1980s, the genera

Moral/ethical in one culture may be considered the opposite

1.What is considered moral and ethical in one culture may be considered the opposite in another culture. Can you provide examples? 2.Can you provide tips on how to separate personal situations and feeling away from the work environment? What are the advantages and disadvantages of making this separation? 3.Leaders are to

Legal and Ethical Environment of Business: Regional Hospital 'at-will' doctrine

Scenario Mr. Con Fused has been an employee at Regional Hospital for the past five years. His employment there was recently terminated. The reason for the termination was: Inability to follow instructions. However, Regional has adopted an "at-will" policy. So in reality, no reason has to be given for the termination. Never th

Target population and sampling frame; Ethical codes relating to data collection

1. Define the appropriate target population and the sampling frame in each of the following situations: a. The manufacturer of a new cereal brand wants to conduct in-home product usage tests in Chicago. b. A national chain store wants to determine the shopping behavior of the customers who have it store charge card. c. A lo

Ethical Dilemma: Controls Built into Limited-Payment Expense

See the attached file. Ethical Dilemma Many companies control their sales reps' travel and other business expenses by using some form of limited-payment plan. That is, management will set a maximum amount that the company will reimburse for specific items such as lodging, meals, entertainment, and laundry. Typically, reps do

Ethical Dilemmas in Organizational Development

Briefly explain these three ethical dilemmas -Misuse of Data -Misrepresentation -Promising unrealistic outcomes From these, select any one ethical dilemma. Consider you are the leader of an organization. Explain how you would ensure that an OD professional you hired would remain uninvolved in the selected ethical dilemma

Discuss the ethical dilemma between street crime and white-collar crime. First, you should read about the Ford Pinto case. Familiarize yourself with the facts of the case, and the outcome. Draft arguments that Lee Iacocca should NOT have been prosecuted criminally.

White collar crimes are crimes committed not because of poverty, but because of social greed, social acceptance, and personal greed. Street crimes are often committed by individuals who experience poverty, may be unemployed or underemployed, and may have low education. Ethics is what an individual or organization ought to do. Du

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and Ethical Behavior

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). Address the following: Consider whether the implementation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act supports ethical behavior. Specifically, address Title 3 of SOX and whether you think SOX worked for financial institutions in the recent financial crisis. Do you think regulations work to maintain an ethi

Jackson Daniels graduated from Lynchberg State College two years ago. Since graduating from the college, he has worked in the accounting department of Lynchberg Manufacturing. Daniels was recently asked to prepare a sales budget for the year 2011. He conducted a thorough analysis and came out with projected sales of 250,000 units of product. That represents a 25 percent increase over 2010. Daniels went to lunch with his best friend, Jonathan Walker, to celebrate the completion of his first solo job. Walker noticed Daniels seemed very distant. He asked what the matter was. Daniels stroked his chin, ran his hand through his bushy, black hair, took another drink of scotch, and looked straight into the eyes of his friend of 20 years. 'Jon, I think I made a mistake with the budget.' What do you mean? Walker answered. You know how we developed a new process to manufacture soaking tanks to keep the ingredients fresh? Yes, Walker answered. Well, I projected twice the level of sales for that product than will likely occur. Are you sure, Walker asked. I checked my numbers. I'm sure. It was just a mistake on my part, Daniels replied. So, what are you going to do about it, asked Walker. I think I should report it to Pete. He's the one who acted on the numbers to hire additional workers to produce the soaking tanks, Daniels said. Wait a second, Walker said. How do you know there won't be extra demand for the product? You and I both know demand is a tricky number to project especially when a new product comes on the market. Why don't you sit back and wait to see what happens? But what happens if I'm right and the sales numbers were wrong? What happens if the demand does not increase beyond what I now know to be the correct projected level, Daniels asks. Well, you can tell Pete about it at that time. Why raise a red flag now when there may be no need?â? Walker states. As the lunch comes to a conclusion, Walker pulls Daniels aside and says, Jack, this could mean your job. If I were in your position I'd protect my own interests first. Questions 1. What should an employee do when he or she discovers that there is an error in a projection? Why do you suggest that action? Would your answer change if the error was not likely to affect other aspects of the operation such as employment? Why or why not? 2. Identify the stakeholders potentially affected by what Daniels decides to do. How might each stakeholder be affected by Daniels's action and decision? Use ethical reasoning to support your answer. 3. Assume Daniels is both a CPA and holds the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification granted by the IMA. Use the ethical standards of these two organizations to identify what Daniels should do in this situation.

Case 1-8 A Faulty Budget Jackson Daniels graduated from Lynchberg State College two years ago. Since graduating from the college, he has worked in the accounting department of Lynchberg Manufacturing. Daniels was recently asked to prepare a sales budget for the year 2011. He conducted a thorough analysis and came out with pro

escribe the amount of coaching the manager or coach

How can I describe the amount of coaching the manager or coach does on the job? Question as below (300 words); - If you ask a manager or coach to describe the amount of coaching he or she does on the job. How does this coaching help increase ethical behavior among his or her group members?

Article Review - Carbon Dioxide: Don't Suffocate the Facts

See attached file for article. Decision-making using data is crucial to all businesses. However, the text notes that data analysis is often met with skepticism about the objectivity of published studies. 1. Using IWU's Online Campus Library Services (OCLS), locate any article that data is being questioned for its ethical

Legal and ethical environment of business

Focus on the concept of stare decisis and the landmark decision of Roe v. Wade. IMPORTANT NOTE: The key to this discussion is stare decisis, not abortion! Therefore, please leave personal attacks, religion, and politics out. This case was selected in order to focus your attention on legal reasoning, despite your person

Ethical Issues in Organizations

Please help answer the following questions. Why are ethical issues a major concern in organizations? What individual influences impact ethical behavior? How can organizations influence ethical behavior in employees? Use a recent article from the Wall Street Journal, or other reputable publication, for an example o

Which of the following best describes the relationship between assurance services and attest services? a. While attest services involve financial data, assurance services involve nonfinancial data. b. While attest services require objectivity, assurance servies do not. c. Both attest and assurance services require independence. d. Attest and assurance services are different terms referring to the same types of services. Which of the following does teh fASB consider a source of nonauthoritative guidance for use when there is no authoritative guidance available? a. The FASB Codification b. FASB Concepts Statements c. SEC rules d SEC interpretive Releases Financial statment audits performed under PCAOB requirements are designed to provide which types of assurance with respect to the detection of material misstatements due to errors or fraud? a Reasonable and Absolute b. Reasonable c Absolute d Neither Which of the following is not explicitly included in a standard report for a nonpublic company? a. the CPA's opinion that the financial statements comply with generally accepted accounting practices b. That generally accepted auditing standards were followed during the audit c. That internal control of the client was satisfactory d. An identification of the financial statements audited. The general group of the 10 PCAOB Auditing Standards require that: a. The auditors maintain an independent mental attitude b. The audit be conducted in conformity with general accepted accounting principles c. Assistants, if any he properly supervised d. The auditors obtain an understanding of internal control. Which AICPA quality contorl standard would most likely be satisfied when a CPA firm maintains records indicating which partners or employees of the firm were previously employed by the CPA firm's clients? a. Profession relationship b. Engagement prerformance c. Relevant ethical requirments d. Monitoring. An audit provides resonable assurance of detecting materal: a Fraudulent Financial Reporting and Missappropriation of assets b. Fraudulent Finanical Reporting c. Missappropriation of assets d. Neither

Which of the following best describes the relationship between assurance services and attest services? a. While attest services involve financial data, assurance services involve nonfinancial data. b. While attest services require objectivity, assurance servies do not. c. Both attest and assurance services require independenc

Discuss organizational example of ethical standards in management communications

Discuss an organizational example of the use of ethical standards in management communications. The example may be from your own workplace or from a business situation with which you are familiar. Support your answer by indicating why you believe it is an example of communicating in an ethical manner; use references to validate

self awareness

Discuss the for the following: a. Emotional Intelligence b. Defining Issues c. Learning Style Inventory d. Locus of Control Scale e. Tolerance of Ambiguity Scale f. Core Self-Evaluation Scale How does self-awareness lead to overcoming conceptual blocks? Additionally, compare personal values to business ethics.

IFRS vs US GAAP: Principle and Rules Based Practices

The IFRS is considered to be principle based, while U.S. GAAP is rules based. Discuss what principle-based and rule-based accounting practices mean with regard to their application. To prove your point, give an explanation of at least 1 example of IFRS and its U.S. GAAP parallel. In your opinion, is IFRS or GAAP more prone

Ethical Leadership

Give an example of ethical leadership. What are the characteristics of ethical leadership? And why is ethical leadership is important?

Management situation: ethical dilemma

You are to place yourself in the role as the sales manager at a European company that makes sleepwear products for children. Company personnel have discovered that the chemicals used to flameproof the companyâ??s line of childrenâ??s pajamas might cause cancer if absorbed through the skin. After this discovery, the pajamas are

Ethical issue for electronic monitoring of truck drivers on the road

Many owners of trucking companies use electronic communications equipment to monitor their drivers on the road. They say that the devices allow them to remain competitive and to serve their customers better by delivering shipments of vital materials exactly when their customers need them. They also point out that the equipment c

Positive & Normative Economics and Market Efficiency Evolution

1) What is the difference between positive and normative economics? Which is more prevalent in today's economies? Why? What role, if any, do ethics play in positive economics? What role do ethics play in normative economics? 2) Can market efficiency evolve on its own without government intervention? Why or why not? What rol

Understand and interpret unhealthy conflicts in teams

Understand and interpret unhealthy conflicts in teams. Look up and define. -- Competion over power and resources. -- Conflict between individuals and group goals. -- Faulty communications -- May have confliction answers and not decide cohesively. -- Won't talk about past problems. -- Will not communicate answer so they