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    Uncompromising Integrity

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    1. In a narrative format, summarize the key facts and issues of the case.

    2. Update the information in the case by researching it on the Internet. Focus your response on the specific issues in the case.

    3. Consider the use of "pre-texting" in the case. What ethical issues arise from the use of this practice? Do you find it to be more, less, or no different from picking through an employee's trash? Why?

    4. Was this situation particularly egregious because HP was previously considered to be such an ethical company?

    5. Assume that you are the Chief Ethics Officer for HP. How do you rebuild the trust and reputation of the company?

    Case: HP - Where "Uncompromising Integrity" and Unethical Behavior Collide

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    Pre-texting is the method in which the individual lies in order to obtain certain information. It is illegal to use the pre-texting method by the organizations and other people. Due to these types of activities, in the business organization an unethical and unlawful environment develops, which also affects the culture of the organization. In this guideline, key facts and issues within HP Company has been identified. Further, impact of using the pre-texting approach on the employees, shareholders and stakeholders has also been discussed in this guideline.

    Key Facts and Issues

    In HP, major issue was the unethical behavior within the organization structure. Further, board member of the company has leaked the information to the media. This was the major issue that company has faced and created collide between unethical behavior and uncompromising integrity. HP was making efforts to find out the culprit within the company. Further, company has also faced the problem related to horizon. It has used the pre-texting method in order to find out the culprit, which was illegal. Apart from this, it has to face the mountain of negative publicity and humiliating crises (Griffin & Moorhead, 2009).

    It is identified that all these problems has affected the overall reputation of HP in negative manner. Further, company was also not able to recruit the new employees. It is because individuals are not prepared to work within in the unethical environment. All these issues and facts were found in HP. Unethical working environment will also not develop the trust and respect among the members (Jennings, 2008). Further, it will also not helpful in achieving the long term success and growth. Therefore, companies should follow the ethical practices in order to build the sound position in the competitive market place.

    Response to Specific Issues

    In the above mentioned case, pre-texting was used in order to identify the person, who has leaked the information of the company. It is identified that before the pre-texting, company was facing various problems, which has been leaked by the board member. Due to this reason, company has used the pre-texting approach. Further, HP was famous for its uncompromising integrity and trust and respect for individuals, which was ruined due to the use of pre-texting approach. Further, board member has leaked the highly confidential information to the people and it was reported in the press.

    All these issues were arising due to miscommunication among the members. Further, board members did not have trust on each other; due to this reason information was leaked by the director of board community (Shah, 2009). Company was focused ...

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