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    Legal and Ethical Environment of Business

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    - Explain the differences and similarities of the types of invasion of privacy.
    - What do lemon laws,The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, and general warranties have in common?
    - What dangers do defective products pose to the public and the legal system?
    - Please use at least one research site to support your statements.

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    In defining the legal and ethical environment of business, the differential aspects relate towards the operations processes for implementing privacy methods accordingly. The differences and similarities of the types of invasion of privacy entail the variety of ways that privacy information can be comprised. Let's take a look at the following areas that can occur when dealing with legal and ethical environment during business activities:

    Explain the differences and similarities of the types of invasion of privacy.

    The invasion of privacy can occur in most every moment of business activity that seeks to serving the targeted consumer demographic. In designing business processes, the opportunity for invasion of privacy can occur when seeking for a way to serving the consumer / clients and a chance to misuse the consumer information. The differences in an ethical business entity in using consumer data appropriately are in not informing the consumer of the true intent of usage of private information. Business designed processes are key towards identifying the differences in providing privacy controls and those that refrain from strict processes that prevents malpractice activities.

    The similarities relating towards invasion can occur when the business enforces a mandatory operation processes that promotes accountability. In designing the operation processes that reinforces the ethical mission and vision statement for employees and to consumers, the similarities for preventing invasion of privacy are obtained. Further, the business strategy is to instill a proactive method that promotes accountability from every employee ...

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    The legal and ethical environment of businesses are examined.