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Extreme Ethical Dilemma

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Assuming that one of the vendors for an American company is a Chinese company that subjects its factory workers to less than favorable environmental conditions with management exhibiting a mostly insensitive attitude toward those workers, while simultaneously being exemplary in dealings with the company, yet for every single factory worker for the Chinese company there are three others waiting to take the job occupied by that worker. If the company is the largest account for the Chinese company so; withdrawal of your account could cause displacement of many Chinese workers, or perhaps the demise of the company. Your company is nevertheless considering a transfer of its business to another vendor because of the working conditions of the Chinese company, even with product quality from another vendor being almost certainly less than currently received. What is the most ethical solution to this dilemma?

Also what factors would be considered in making a decision?

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This situation presents an extreme ethical dilemma and management needs to carefully analyze their options. We don't need dedicated workers losing their jobs, but we also certainly can't have the workers continue working in deplorable conditions from our vendor. By the circumstances in the situation, we can assume that this is a rather large American company. If I owned the American company, I would set up a meeting with the management team of the vendor's company. I would ...

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This solution explains the factors that would be considered in making a decision in the business scenario listed. This solution also explains the most ethical solution for the workers and the company.

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