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Veteran's Administration Ethical Issues

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I need some information help on the Veteran's Adminstration and a ethical issue they are going through or have gone through within the past couple of years. I need some info on how the ethical issue has affected the organization and some of the key players or stakeholders that are involved in the decision making process.

Give some type of summary of how each step of the ethical decision making process can be utilized to help make the Veterans Administration better.

Thanks in advance!

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One very important ethical issue that the Veterans Administration has gone through within the past few years, is the issue of not adequately ensuring that the veterans returning from overseas combat operations are receiving the medical screenings and resulting treatment and counseling that they need. Many veterans have complained that they have been suffering from unknown illnesses after serving in Iraq for instance, and that the veteran administration has not acted upon these complaints in an expeditious and efficient manner, as well as the fact that ...

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The expert examines Veteran's administration ethical issues. The key players or stakeholders are analyzed.

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