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    Developing Surveys and the Veteran's Health Administration

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    1. Can you suggest at least 10-question survey that could be used to evaluate how the Veteran's Health Administration can curtail delays in veterans receiving medical appointments?
    2. Also can you explain why this survey would elicit the most effective results for evaluating the VA's problem?
    References would be appreciated to review.

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    I have provided some samples, some explanation, and some references. Please modify these as you need for your focus.

    1. How many times have you accessed the VA health system?
    a. First time patient
    b. Occasionally
    c. 1-5 times
    d. 6-8 times
    e. More than 8 times
    f. For several years

    2. Are you visiting for:
    a. routine tests
    b. annual physical
    c. specific or specialized condition
    d. surgery
    e. Mental health issues
    f. Other ____________________________________________

    3. How long did it take you to get your VA benefits established?
    a. few weeks
    b. a few months
    c. six months
    d. one year
    e. two - five years
    f. more than five years

    4. How long after receiving notification of benefits, did it take to get an appointment?
    a. A few weeks
    b. A few months
    c. Six months
    d. One year
    e. Two - five years

    5. Will you need to see someone outside the VA system for ...

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    This solution provides a sample survey that can be modified, in reference to solving the VA crisis.