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    How to Foster an Ethical and Socially Responsible Organization

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    The Solution addresses what leaders can do to foster an ethical and socially responsible organization while explaining the link between business ethics and organizational performances. In addition, explain whether or not leaders should invest in the time necessary to motivate employees. If so, examine and describe the benefits.

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    The leaders of an organization need to serve as role models who promote a culture of ethical conduct and personal responsibility. An organization's ethics are determined by how good its leaders are.
    The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) recommends the following to foster an ethical culture in the organization:
    • Everybody in the organization including its board of directors and management must comply with the company's rules. Employees look at management as role models and once they realize that the organization is serious in becoming an ethical and socially responsible company, then it will become a foundation for them to make the right decisions.
    • Character evaluation should be a part of the hiring, retention and promotion practices. At the start, the company needs to know that the potential employee understands the organization's values for him or her to fit into the system.
    • Leaders should emphasize the importance of the organization's culture, reputation and long-term success. They should be open to hearing complaints and suggestions especially in terms of aligning the company with its values.
    • Leaders need to lead by example and help train the employees in instilling ethical culture. They need to establish trust by giving their employees open access to information, keep their promises and be accountable for any wrongdoing. It is also best if they support transparency and truthfulness in their employees and reward them for practicing them.
    Explaining the link between business ethics and organizational performances
    According to Stacy Zeiger, the link between the importance of instilling business ethics in order to achieve the best organization performance can best be explained by the following:
    • Avoiding Legal Issues. In the U.S. ...

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