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    Honesty and Commitment Powerpoint Slides for Consulting

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    I'm working on a slide presentation for a 10 item "code of ethics" for the consulting field. I need help with two areas (honesty and commitment). I'm working on providing an example from journals or explain why the item should be included in the code of ethics. Researching the journals has been the option, but I'm not finding the necessary info. Any assistance with completing this assignment would be greatly appreciated.

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    I've attached slide examples, with speaker notes, to help get you started.

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    Honesty must be included in a Code of Ethics.
    Dr. Rossouw points out the need for trust to restore standards in corporate guidance. Trust is only available through honesty (Rossouw, 2005).
    Rossouw also points out that ""because business is social in nature, concern for others' interests as well as your own is essential if you want to run a sustainable business." To trust a consultant, there must be an understanding that honesty is present.
    Honesty is evident in providing work as intended, giving proper credit, and realizing that our work is a reflection of ourselves.
    In ...

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    This solution is assistance for a slide presentation regarding honesty and commitment in the consultant field and includes examples from journals. APA references and Powerpoint slides are included.