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Developing an Ethical Organizational Code of Conduct Policy

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Create a code of conduct policy for a nightclub business. Prepare a framework, using concepts and values, for your Code of Conduct. Incorporate any legal, social and ethical principles under which you would want your organization to operate. Examine a nightclub code to make sure that it will be operable and will empower stakeholders to make ethical decisions.

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Ethical practice is the cornerstone of the business called Nightclub Caravan (The Company). Mistakes can happen and can be forgiven, but any violation of our Code of Ethics will not be tolerated.
Nightclub Caravan is driven on honesty, integrity, and ethical conduct. As a Company employee and Company representative, you must abide by the Code of Ethics and you must present yourself as a reflection of the Company standards. It must never be tarnished by dishonesty or unethical actions.
Any employee who solicits or accepts any payment, gift, service, compensation, favor, or transaction in connection with the workplace environment shall be terminated immediately without any regard or compensation. The Company policy states that criminal and/or civil proceedings will begin immediately. No excuse will be accepted that the employee did not know or did not recognize that the receipt of any transaction was a violation of the Company policy. After reading this Code of Ethics, ...

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