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Ethics dilema

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Describe the relationship between concepts of virtue, values, and morals in the simulation.

Provide examples of how concepts in this simulation relate to your workplace.

Explain ways in which external social pressures influence business ethics in the simulation.

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This explanation provides you a comprehensive argument relating to Ethics dilema

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Please help answer the following based on the answers given and Define and defend decisions you made in the simulation.
The decision to warn the users of the product about the possible hazards of the product and about the contaminant is the first decision to be made. The question is whether to warn and what information to provide consumers about the contaminant.
The next decision is about who are the stakeholders. My decision was the shareholders, the Chief executive officer, the Quality Control Manager, the operations director, the Director of Public Relations, and Consumers of G-BioSport products. My justification is that each of these people are responsible and have a direct interest in the issue.

The next decision was to describe the duties I owe to the stakeholders. My decision was the duty to ensure that ingredient labels provide accurate and meaningful information, duty to warn consumers of knows potential dangers and the duty to refund or replace defective product. Further, my choice was to disseminate information broadly about the increased risk for specific groups.
In addition, an offer to replace tainted product or to refund purchase price. My justification is that the firm that sells the product has these responsibilities towards the consumers.

The next decisions were related to how much the stakeholders will be affected by my decisions. Those that are affected highly are the shareholders, and the CEO. The stakeholder affected to a medium level are the quality control manager and consumers. Finally, those stakeholders that are affected to a low level are the operations director and the director of public relations. The justification is that the decision affects these stakeholders.

The next set of decisions are related to shareholder's criteria for happiness. The shareholders - maximize value, the CEO - acts consistently with the core values and risk management protocols,

My decision relating to stakeholders are the shareholders, do nothing: CEO - recall the product, quality ...

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