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    Writing an article review on public stewardship

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    Locate an article that presents an example of a governmental entity that has not responsibly administered their funds.

    Prepare a 1,050 to 1,750 word paper that summarizes your findings and includes recommendations for improvement of the governmental entity. Describe the importance of responsible public stewardship.

    Format your paper according to APA standards.

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    The City of Bell is near Los Angeles, California. The Los Angeles Times is one of the larger newspapers in that area, and the January 6, 2011 online issue has numerous articles that will provide you with many perspectives and information you can use in completing this assignment. The web address is included with this solution:


    Suggestions on how to proceed with this assignment are as follows:

    Your paper needs to have a cover page, running head, page numbers, a table of contents, an abstract, in-text citations, and a reference page or bibliography that includes each source cited in your paper. The link below is to a website that can assist with APA formatting.


    Catch your readers' attention in the introductory paragraph so they will want to continue reading your paper. You may wish to include the title of the article in your opening paragraph, and APA formatting dictates that you include the author and publication date with in-text citations throughout the paper. Your opening paragraph should include your thesis statement and strongest argument, which could include your statement of why this topic and article appealed to you. The following is an example of a thesis statement based on the sample article that was used for this solution:

    "This article interests me because it addresses the people's expectation of government entities that are free of scandal and model responsible public stewardship and how, according to this article, that expectation was not realized."

    Your ...

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    Public stewardship by government entities is on the front page of current events in the news and a topic of much discussion. This 1,048 word solution provides step-by-step instructions with examples of how to write a 1,050 - 1,750 word essay/article review of a governmental entity that has not responsibly administered their funds. The solution includes a sample outline, instructions on APA formatting and how to write the introduction, body and summary paragraphs along with links to websites that will support completion of the assignment.