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    Walmart Marketing and Branding Strategies

    1. Discuss what brand elements would be most useful for differentiating your company's brand from competing brands. 2. In a sentence or two, what is the appropriate positioning for your company's product? 3. What factors will you use to determine your company's strategic group, and what competitive strategy would be most e

    Marketing: Creating Need or Want or Information?

    A) What are a few campaigns that you've seen recently that you felt were particularly creative and effective? What campaigns have you explored that achieved the desired outcome for the initiative? B) Do you feel that marketing creates need or want for a product? Or, does marketing inform consumers in order to satisfy an exis

    Brand Success/Failure

    Provide an example of a brand that has resonated extremely well with the public. What are the factors that make a brand successful? b) Provide an example of a brand that failed miserably with the public. What are some of the contributing factors that caused that brand to fail?

    Marketing and Research Problems

    In each of the following situations, identify the fundamental source of the marketing problem or opportunity, a decision problem arising from the marketing problem or opportunity, and a possible research problem. a. Cool Pool Supply is a manufacturer of swimming pool maintenance chemicals. Recently, a malfunction of the equi

    Private Labels, Large Grocery Chains, or Departments Stores

    1) Do you consider private labels as brands such as Walgreens, large grocery chains or department stores? Why or why not? 2) Do you consider private labels as brands such as large grocery chains, drug stores, or big box retailers? Are you loyal to any of their brands?

    Brand Extension Disasters

    I need some help getting started on the following: Please consider the three listed brand extension below, and explain why they failed, and also why they were inappropriate and/or in effective. 1. Sylvestor Stallone's Company Instone: High Protein Pudding 2. Harley Davidson Cake Decorating Kit 3. "Heinz: All Natural Cl

    Gray Marketing

    1. Gray marketing; is it a trademark issue, a pricing issue, or a distribution issue? 2. The Alliance for Gray Market and Counterfeit Abatement has as its primary purpose to "mitigate gray marketing and counterfeiting of high-technology products" Is it appropriate to equate the two? Are the arguments by this industry coalitio

    Distribution Channel

    As a brand manager for a food product. You have been challenged with finding a new distribution channel for a product under your brand supervision. How would you approach this challenge and then outline this new distribution channel.

    A look at BMW and the advertising concept models used

    BMW and it's Emotional Marketing Strategies Analyze three current ads or commercials for BMW, in terms of brand equity. Do the ads or commercials use the advertising concept model "Hierarchy of Effect" and/or do they use persuasion with the "Elaboration Likelihood" model? 1. Describe the three ads or commercials a

    Several product divisions to track for the remaining of the course

    Select a company that has several product divisions that will be easy to track for the remaining of the course. I select Proctor and Gamble and the product is Charmin Ultra Soft. Write a product market analysis (3 - 4 page) analysis how the product is being placed in the market. The following companents should be included: a

    Branding/Buyer Behavior Survey for Budweiser

    Perform primary buyer research for Budweiser. Develop a focus group (at least 5 people): or survey (at least 10 people) that will elicit consumer perceptions of the target brand. (as compared to Miller, Heinekin, and others such as Corona, etc.) Please include: 1. Data Collection. Describe the data collection proce

    Value creation through marketing and sales strategies

    Consider the following scenario. Be sure to reference the resources in your own research. Your business is a computer manufacturing company. The business is set up internationally to take advantage of the technical skills and lower tax structures and costs of labor in multiple countries. The computer case, keyboard, and mouse

    Compiling All Past Information Adding Marketing Strategies

    Compile all past information adding marketing strategies: 1. Write an executive summary of your marketing plan. 2. Provide the company's mission statement and company introduction. 3. Provide the company's branding, pricing, and distribution plan. 4. Provide the IMC and customer satisfaction plan. 5. Provide the followin

    Points of parity and differentiation

    Direct and Indirect Competition for Budweiser: Please profile two direct or indirect competing brands of Budweiser, describing their points of parity. Then profile two direct or indirect competing brands of Budweiser describing their points of differentiation. Please cite all references.

    Interviewing a respondent

    While interviewing a respondent about reasons why she doesn't buy a particular brand of video games, an interviewer gets the following response, "This brand's games are not sophisticated." The interviewer asks, "What exactly do you mean by that statement? What makes a game sophisticated?" This exchange is an example of: A. a

    Brand Behavior

    - THE CHOSEN BRAND: Identify 1 well-known brand, and describe what draws you to that brand. You must analyze your own brand behavior using concepts from this week's readings and lectures. - THE COMPETITION: Describe a major competitor of the brand, and compare the 2 brands in terms of positioning. - Are they positioned dif

    Buying Jeans - Marketing analysis

    Assume you have been given $100 and asked to buy a pair of denim jeans. Outline the steps in the consumer decision making process that you would go through. Make reference to the influences (social, psychological and situational) that would impact on your decision. (You may keep the change or add in some money).

    Brand Extension

    You want to introduce a new product. You already have a successful brand in a different product category than the new product you plan to introduce. You are contemplating using the same brand name (brand extension) for the new product. What factors should you consider before making this decision?


    Marketing has often been defined in terms of satisfying customers' needs and wants. Critics maintain that marketing does much more than satisfying customers' needs and wants; they argue that, in fact, marketing creates needs and wants that did not exist before. According to these critics, marketers encourage consumers to spend m

    Consumer Behavior Differences in Various Regions

    Understanding consumer behavior on how brands are perceived is critical to a successful market. As such, please address the following: As an employee of a multi-national corporation, you have successfully test marketed a new product in the US. Within the next few months you will test market the product in the South American

    Group Influences on Consumer Behavior

    * Describe two (2) groups that serve as aspiration reference groups for you. In what ways have they influenced your consumption pattern? Explain your answer. * Identify a recent (a) continuous innovation, (b) dynamically continuous innovation, and (c) discontinuous innovation. Justify your selections.

    Marketing Philosophy & Strategy

    What challenges does a company face when developing new products in the global economy? When describing the challenges use examples of 3 or more product or service launches, please include references to these products/services. After having discussed the challenges of new product launches how has technology assisted in the e