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    Nordstrom Case Study: Customer Service/Analyze Risk

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    Read the Nordstrom case study in Chapter 5 on page 147 in your textbook. Answer the two questions at the end of the study (p. 148). Support your answers with a minimum of one source per question, no more than five years old. Your answer to each question should be approximately 400 words.

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    1. Nordstrom could provide better customer service by generating more definite fashion "must have" looks each season. The chain must create hot looks and sell the customer on these items. The chain makes some effort to do this with their catalogs currently, but it is not executed well in the store. Trends must be reflected in store displays, sales people must wear the trends, and the trends must be highlighted in fashion shows and through word of mouth on the sales floor. The chain must create a reason for consumers to visit the store on a regular basis (to see what is new) that is based on fashion and style, rather than primarily on price.

    Another way to create brand loyalty is through the children's department. Each children's department could host back to school fashion shows featuring local children, giving discounts to parents who buy outfits the day of the show or partnering with local schools to give money back to the schools as a percent of business incurred for the day. Sales people in the children's section could also track children's birthdays and send happy birthday cards with an offer for a special treat (it could even just be a balloon) for bringing your child in with the card. The idea is to drive business into the store. Kids need new shoes all the time, so if Nordstrom becomes known as the place with the greatest selection of well priced ...

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