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Quality Management Theory

This solution addresses the case study:
Define the theory of "Quality Management" and provide an example of it in use.

The solution is over 150 words and includes a textbook reference. There is a thorough analysis of how the retailer Nordstrom utilizes its superior customer service practices to succeed of its rivals. The foundation of quality management theory is to focus on the strengths of what your organization has to offer and promote these features.

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Quality management is a theory in which the focus is on producing a good or service that is superior to those of competitors (Jones & George, 2007). It is imperative for an organization to know exactly what the competition offers. Variances may be viewed as strengths and weaknesses. The ...

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The theory of quality management is to focus on producing a good or service that is superior to competitors. The example utilized in this solution is the retailer Nordstrom. There is a detailed explanation of how Nordstrom capitalizes on its strengths and exploits competitor weaknesses.