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    Self Competition's Effect on Branding & Marketing

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    When market segmentation occurs, new distinct ways to brand existing or new products and services emerge. This emergence could ideally spawn products that have competing features when revealed to differing segment groups. What impact does this self-competition have on branding and marketing?

    The answer does need to be backed up by factual information and not just "I think".

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    Self competition results in a product becoming more defined and better able to hone in on target markets. Market segmentation is the result of different needs of different market groups. These needs must be identifiable, accessible, substantial, and unique. In developing products and services for the market, the ability to fine tune and differentiate the product is key. A company involved in exploiting the unique features to target a particular segment will invariably divide the market segment into different categories, divisions or brand managers. An example is often made of General Motors: Alfred Sloan deliberately had overlap of divisions, for ...

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    This solution discusses the impact self-competition has on branding and marketing. Examples and APA references are included.