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Social media has become a blessing and a curse. Those that do not know how to message end up turning the message against the brand and the company. As a result, it has now become very important for organizations to properly manage social media.

Discuss the importance of social media and marketing including internal branding and external branding. Develop the assignment of roles and develop a flow chart on how you will prevent unauthorized use of social media. You will also need to write a letter of appology to be posted and develop company policy that will address the use and missuse of social media.


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With social media, internal and external branding have both become very important. External branding refers to the external experience of your customer, vendor, or community at large. The external branding is developed through the company logo, website, building appearance, website, and the supply chain. Consider the example of Nestle. The community at large was ignored by Nestle, and the Greenpeace campaign was able to persuade the 90,000 Nestle fan base into angry protesters. The campaign accused Nestle of cutting down rain forests. The company reacted to this campaign ineffectively. Other such disasters related to external branding are the manner in which Alec Baldwin tweeted about how American Airlines misbehaved with him for refusing to turn off his mobile device. This incident brought disrepute to American Airlines brand. Similarly, United Airlines broke the guitar of Canadian musician Dave Carroll in 2008 and did nothing about it. Social media gave a poor external image to United Airlines.

Internal branding has become important because well informed employees can play an important role in ...

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