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Practical Look at Social Media Policies

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Summary of an article attached for reference and a thorough discussion of possible policies for organizations to enact

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Case study of how organizations manage, if at all, the use of social media by their employees not only at work (utilizing company-owned hardware and internet connections) - but the impact of what employees engage in with social media sites on their personal time (impact to the organization's reputation).

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The rise of social media usage has created a publicity nightmare for companies. Prior to the invention of Facebook, Twitter and other outlets; disgruntled employees would engage in "office gossip" typically amongst themselves. In today's world of friends and followers, employees can complain to an audience of hundreds in mere seconds. What an employee "says" via virtual postings can be very damaging to their company's reputation. For example, a weight loss counselor commenting on Facebook about all the "fat clients that will never lose weight" would be a very difficult statement to overcome. Aside from derogatory comments about customers, or even the company itself, another area of concern with the use of social media is confidentiality. If an employee "announced" in these forums about a new product, or initial public offering (IPO) that will be occurring with ...

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