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    Social Media Application in the Workplace

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    Can I please get help. I'm doing a paper for my final project. I have to interview 8 people on these questions. I have 6 people so far didn't know where else to turn. I only need a 100-150 word response

    The subject of technology, particularly social media, is controversial to say the least. What are your thoughts about technology/social media in your organization or one you have worked in before? Were people united about what social media should be used for professionally/personally? What policies existed? Were there opposing viewpoints? Explain.

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    Indeed, the subject of social media could be controversial. My reflection about social media in the organization I work for is that the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is aware of the new trend of how powerful social media (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, and Propeller, etc.) is a source of identifying consumers' voice, ...

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    This solution of 220 words discusses social media application in the workplace, touching on use of social media professionally, policies and opposing viewpoints.