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    Culture of an organization influence employee relations

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    Policy And Regulatory Issues- Employee and Labor Relations

    Explains how the mission, vision, values, and culture of an organization influence employee relations. Identifies key factors and relationships. Addresses uncertainties HR faces in employee relations and makes valid inferences based on sound evidence. ( Reference must be with 3 years)

    1. Select two of the internal HR customer groups (Employee,Supervisor,Manager or Executive) and answer the following questions. Provide support for your answers from relevant and credible sources.
    • What are some of the specific employee relations issues a member of each group might bring to HR?
    • How would HR, as a strategic employee relations partner, respond to these issues?
    • How would HR, as an enforcer, respond to these issues?
    Part 2: Policy Issues
    2. locate one recent article (not more than three years old) about a situation involving one of the following policy issues. The article may be taken from a newspaper, professional magazine or journal, or popular press magazine.
    • Workplace romance.
    • Dress codes (may be about tattoos, piercing, or attire).
    • Use of social media at work.
    • Employee privacy.
    • English-only rules.
    3. From your perspective as an HR professional:
    • Explain your concerns in this situation regarding employee relations and legal compliance issues.
    • State one productive and realistic goal for addressing the issue with an employee who is not in compliance with the policy.
    • Explain how your assumptions, judgments, and beliefs (and those of the person or people who brought the issue to your attention) might influence your approach to the conversation.
    • Explain how you would you handle the situation if the conversation with the employee does not go well or if the employee does not seem to take the situation seriously.
    4. Regulatory Issues:
    Identify and research an HR regulatory issue that will be presented to managers-
    • Explain the employment law and its main requirements.
    • Analyze the potential impact this issue could have on employee relations, engagement, and retention.

    Organizes research data and information in a coherent manner to support a position and influence others.

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    //The use of social media at workplace has become new trend and its use is increasing day by day which affects the productivity of employees. Thus, management needs to take some actions regarding this issue so that it may not affect the productivity. The following section, covers the steps that an HR manager should take to deal with the issue and also present a situation when employee resist to change and how an HR manager deal with the resisting situation.//

    Mission, vision, values and culture of an organization are formulated to so that the employees come to know about their purpose of working in an organization and a clear vision, mission values help the employee to align their work with that of the organization. A healthy organization culture helps to maintain a good relation with the employees, and it positively affects the productivity of the employee (Carpenter, Bauer & Erdogan, 2015). Key factors of employee relation are the objective of employee and objective of organization and a proper alignment between them, strategic goals of the organization, compensatory schemes of the organization. Uncertainty faced by HR in employee relation is the problem of engagement (Mayhew, 2015). With the increasing workload, the employee gets frustrated and fatigue, and this poses a problem for the HR to keep them engage in work. This is the problem of productivity. Another problem is to align the work of an employee with the organization goals (Truss et al., 2013).

    The use of social media at the workplace needs to be restricted, and policies should be made such that it does not affect the productivity. A monitor check on the activities of employees can help to deal with the issue (Proskauer, 2014). Employees should be aware that company computers should be used for the professional purpose and not for downloading programs and other data for personal use. Employees should limit the time spent on the social media unless it is for a business purpose or authorized. The company should make clear guidelines on the use of e-mails, social media, and phone calls, and certain penalties should be placed on the use of these resources. Organizations should implement a business code of ethics and review it with all employees.

    For instance, an employee is not ready with the new rules set by the company in regards to restricting the social media access, then the HR manager should convey him the benefits of the restricted use of social media. The HR manager should tell ...

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    How thehe mission, vision, values and culture of an organization influences employees relations are determined. The response addresses the query posted in 1330 words with APA References.