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    Slide Presentations with Narration: Social Media

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    An organization's social media policies should be formalized for several reasons: to present the company's brand consistently; to empower employees to become involved in the plan; and to reaffirm the organization's stance, opinion, and views on participation.

    Any social media policy should do the following:

    1. Explain why social media is important to the firm and clarify the social media's goals.

    2. Give details about how to handle common situations such as negative complaints or scandals.

    3. Be specific about which sites are being used and for what reason.

    4. Create at-home social media use guidelines. Because social networkers are never off the clock, employees must know that reasonable office rules apply when doing business at home, too.

    Create a Power Point presentation 6 slides - Intro, 3 content (body), & conclusion - on a social networking policy for your job/organization. It might be a short training presentation, a sales presentation, a presentation trying to convince management of your proposal, etc. Answer the three discussion questions in the content (body) of the slide presentation.

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    Your tutorial is a draft of a presentation with audio to give you an example of how this might be done. It can be expanded, edited, and customized to be what you need. The intent is to recommend a social media policy.

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