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Brand Repositioning - Coco-Cola & Topshop

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1. Select an organization that you think should reposition itself in the consumer's eye. Identify where it is currently positioned and make recomendations for repositioning .

2. Choose a familiar clothing store. Describe its product mix, including its depth and width. Evaluate the mix and make suggestions to the owner.

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Step 1
An organization that should reposition itself in the consumer's eye is the Coca-Cola Company. Currently, it is positioned as a company that makes products that might have adverse health effects. Coca-Cola is also positioned as a company that suppresses trade unions using paramilitary forces. Moreover, Coca-Cola is known to have a poor environmental record. In comparison, on each of these dimensions its competitor PepsiCo has a better image. Coca-Cola Company should reposition itself as a company ...

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