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    Premier Portraits: Online Branding Proposal

    See attached files. Based on all the attachments, write an online branding proposal for Premier Portraits. Your proposal should address at least the following points: Who specifically should Premier Portraits target for with the new branding message? What product should Premier Portraits really offering to this market?

    Marketing research: Design survey, construct primary research

    Now that you have determined the characteristics of the target market, design your survey, and construct the primary research. The survey should include 10 - 12 questions that you will use to collect information about the HP's developing marketing strategy. Include information about the following: Explain why you chose t

    Assessing Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company (Gum)

    Assessing Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company (Gum) 1) Assess the Information Needs of target market(s). What information will your potential customer need, (e.g. address of premises)? 2) Set Communication Objectives for your service. What do you want to achieve in what time in terms of your communicating to your potential customers?

    Southwest & Starbucks - Winning the Branding War

    This is an in-depth look into Southwest and Starbucks. It highlights why these companies have taken a different approach and won the branding game. They are admired by consumers and envied by competitors.

    Online Marketing Strategies

    What determines the efficacy of online advertising? How is it different and how is it the same as the efficacy of more traditional forms of advertising? Explain and justify your answer. Consider using examples from the Internet to illustrate your points and include links to those materials.

    The Positives and Negatives of Branding

    Choose a specific product category you need to purchase. Choose 2 different brands of this product category and identify both the positives and negatives of each brand. Decide which brand you would purchase and why. Product Category: Hygiene Products Brand One: L'Oreal Shampoo

    Nike analysis and evaluation: communication strategy, sales approach, promotion

    Nike analysis evaluation on all their promotional aspects as it relates to their customer product, as well as to other promotional audiences: Your analysis should include the following: What is the communication strategy? What are the communication channels/media? Who represents the product? What is the sales approach?

    Consumer markets and buyer behaviour, Segmentation, targeting and positioning

    GM: Downsizing the Hummer Read the case of "GM: Downsizing the Hummer" and answer the four questions below. Question 1 Identify two of Maslow's needs that may motivate a purchase of a Hummer H2. Explain your answer using facts from the case. Divide your answer into two sections, one for each need. Question 2

    The major segmentation variables for consumer markets Mass marketing lowers the cost of sales enabling the manufacturer reduce the price. While the segment marketing gives the manufacturer which item has more demand and at what price. Segmentation helps the company to identify the different buyers with varying taste, wants, capacity to purchase, buying attitudes and habits and of course geographical locations. Here the company segregates a few broad segments and makes up a market

    The major segmentation variables for consumer markets are geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral. How does market segmentation help marketers? Think of three products and/or services that you see in advertisements (television, print, etc). What are the products and/or service, and who do you think they are target

    Westfield Corp - what role might contribution margin play?

    Westfield Corporation makes two different boat anchors -- a traditional fishing anchor and a high end yacht anchor -- using the same production machinery. The contribution margin of the yacht anchor is three times as high as that of the other product. The company is currently operating at full capacity and has been doing so for

    Benefits of Brand Equity: Coca Cola

    Building a brand is crucial exercise that often takes years or decades to accomplish. The benefit of brand equity is realized in the bottom line. Select a big nationally or internationally known brand that has advertisements that feature a famous person or persons to complete the following: PART 1: Research Background - Wh

    Diversification for Berkshire Hathaway

    I need help answering the following assignment regarding Diversification: Explore the websites of the following companies and determine whether the company is pursuing a strategy of related diversification, unrelated diversification, or a mixture of both: - Berkshire Hathaway - News Corporation - Dow Jones & Company

    Private Label Brands and National Brand Companies

    Private label brands are products that are manufactured by one company and sold under another company's brand. Often positioned as lower cost alternatives to national brands, they have been increasing in popularity over the past several years. Store brands such as Wal-Mart's Equate or Target's Archer Farms are examples of privat

    Brand Building, Equity, Positioning Concepts, Market Segments

    Find a consumer who is extremely loyal to a brand-name product. DEL MONTE The person can be a family member, friend, classmate, or other. Probe him or her for information as to why that brand loyalty exists. Discuss how the individual feels about competitive brands. HEINZ, DOLE Analyze the interview using the brand eq

    Personal Branding Concept Discussion

    The concept of branding is often applied to large corporations such as Pepsi-Cola, Nike, Starbucks, or Toyota. Brands communicate powerful associations to the external stakeholders and hence organizations spend millions of dollars enhancing the equity of their brands. Some individuals take the idea of branding a step further,

    Consumer Behavior question

    A local Kia automobile dealership owner conducted some informal market research and found that many consumers had negative attitudes toward this brand. Explain what can be done to change the cognitive component of consumers' attitudes.

    Global Market Entry

    Which alternative for global market-entry strategy would you likely start with? Why? What other alternatives do you have for a global market entry?

    Develop a marketing plan for new sports drink: Cool It!

    Marketing Plan: Your company has just developed a new sports drink that is in a container which will keep it cool for up to 6 hours. Develop a marketing plan for this product and then write a paper discussing how you would market the product. This is a 2-part assignment. Deliverable #1 = Develop a marketing plan for this pr

    Article review-Skinny Pepsi Can Launch Is Heavy With Controversy

    Skinny Pepsi Can Launch Is Heavy With Controversy By: Natalie Zmuda - Bio Follow on Twitter E-mail Author RSS feed Published: February 21, 2011 â?" Advertising Age It's hard to imagine that a brand the size of Diet Pepsi spent only $500,000 on measured media in the past three years combined, but that's exactly wha

    Internet/tv commercial

    Find a product or service that advertises in both of these mediums: Internet ads and television commercials. â?¢Share an effective Internet ad with the class by providing a link to a Web site. â?¢What method of advertising do you think is most effective and why? Use supporting research data if possible and cite sources.

    Branding their products and services

    Companies use a variety of different approaches toward branding their products and services. Heinz uses a branding approach that puts the Heinz name on all its products (Heinz Ketchup, Heinz 57 Sauce, Heinz Vinegar, et cetera.). Proctor and Gamble, on the other hand, uses a different name for each product line (Bounty, Pampers,

    Consumer Behavior Fundamentals

    After a challenging week, you decide to review the basics of marketing with your team. Discuss how marketers use classical conditioning concepts, such as repetition and stimulus discrimination, in their advertising and marketing. Provide examples, and elaborate on the following: Which companies/products do you think have been

    Marketing Plan and Budget for Reebok Easy Tone Toning Shoes

    Target Market Paper Product: Reebok - Easy Tone Toning shoes.... Research the current customer base, buyer behavior, demographics, psychographics, lifestyle, geographic area, benefit segmentation, and user segmentation for Reeboks Easy Tone shoes. Identify the ideal target market for your Learning Team's selected pr

    Corporate Branding: Rosewood Hotels

    Describe the benefits of branding at Rosewood Hotels. Why should they be concerned with branding all hotels in the product line as "Rosewood"? What is the impact of branding the Rosewood Hotels' on profit? What type of corporate branding strategy should rosewood use?

    Difference Between Advertising and Publicity

    Please help with the following problem. What are the primary differences between advertising and publicity? Is the differentiation between these two forms of marketing communications important and, if so, why? How ethical is advertising that appears as publicity according to your authors?

    Unit 4IP part 1 - Strategic Marketing Plan Submission

    Strategic Marketing Plan Using this template, MKT640 Template, draft the following: Objectives & Mission Statement Target Market Competition Product/Service Features Core Strategy Marketing Mix: Communications & Promotion Pricing Strategy Abstract, Introduction, Conclusion Pricing , if not already includ