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    Communications & marketing for Davis youth and family services

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    Mission: to serve individuals who need assistance in maintaining or achieving their full potential for self-direction and independence. We employ professionals to develop and implement programs that emphasize the connection between healthy youth, families and healthy.

    Services we provide: shelter, job training, counseling and healthcare

    1. To increase awareness of the homeless problem
    Put on 4 functions yearly to raise awareness of homelessness.
    Participate in at least three town hall meetings yearly.
    Develop and use a strong marketing and advertising program.

    2. To increase community involvement to provide additional resources for the clients
    Increase enrollment in the program to (500 participants) in the next five years.
    Register with Hands on Atlanta
    Contact sororities, businesses, network with clinics and other service providers
    Partner with at least two new agencies yearly
    Look for providers of temporary housing to help us help our clients

    3. To mitigate factors that contributes to homelessness
    Get clients placed in temporary housing within 2 weeks
    Assist those in program to find stable housing within 6 months

    4. To provide men with skills necessary to achieve self-sufficiency
    Based on overall assessment of individuals, provide referrals to programs that can provide job training, life skills training, and money management training within 3 weeks of the assessment.
    Assist in the attainment of these skills and training by following up with clients and performing progress checks quarterly or monthly.

    5. To maintain continuous funding for the program
    Contact and form relationships with the Department of Human Services, VA, local health department, CDC, The Coalition for the homeless, and the workforce development program for grants and funding.
    Double the initial investment of $50,000 within six months, and to continue to increase the donations by 10% annually.

    1. Owners: Need the organization to succeed if they want to stay afloat.
    2. Community:
    3. Clients: They are the beneficiaries seeking to benefit from the service we provide. They want to make sure they are receiving the best quality service as well as the care they are seeking.

    4. Employees: They are important stakeholders, because the success and existence of the organization affects their livelihood. Their concerns is their rate of pay, because they want to make sure they can live off what they are being a paid and that it's a sufficient enough amount for the work they are doing. They are looking for job security, which is dependent on economy, prevailing business conditions, and the individual's personal skills. They also want respect and honest communication from their manager and employer. Employees can provide feedback on a company's performance and help come up with ways to better service clients as well as keep the company afloat. They work with the clients daily, so they know their needs and wants and they can communicate this to upper management.

    5. Government: Government agencies have a vested interest in the organization. The organization is here to provide a service to the public and to encourage this work, the government set up legal framework that trades tax exemption for a benefit to the public. They can also exert influence through government spending, legal action, regulation and threatened changes in the law.

    6. Suppliers: We are considered customers to the supplier and we are therefore vital to their success and survival. Treating the supplier as a stakeholder and not just a material source, the supplier will respond when we are in need. Suppliers are interested in the growth and prosperity of the firm, because it determines their sales and profits.

    7. Media: Media can make or break you depending on what they are reporting to the people.

    1. List stakeholders

    2. Explain how they fit into the communications and marketing scheme and promote mission, goals, and objectives.

    3. Describe five specific tools/methods, e.g., tools for developing brand recognition, calculating the cost and/or price of the service or product, identifying target market, segmenting the market, using of low-cost, effective mediums, etc..

    4. Explain how these tools will help to reach the target audiences.

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    The stake holders include:
     Owners
     Community
     Clients
     Employees
     Government
     Suppliers
     Media

    The owners of an organization ensure that the set goals and objectives are met since they fund the business to ensure that capital goods for the business can be obtained and the employees carry out their work as expected. Luo (2011) states that community forms the environment where customers live in. they are the market to the services offered by Davis youth and Family services. The media contributes to the goals and objectives of the business by reporting to the people important and constructive information about the business.
    The suppliers provide the relevant materials required by the customers of the business, therefore they always ...

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