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    Customer Service Excellence

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    Aaron Barbee, MBA (#105647)

    "Customer Service" has been a buzzword (or even a catch phrase) for quite some time. There might even be occasions when employees think that if they aren't being rude to customers then their actions are effective enough and they are providing ample customer service. However, "good enough" is insufficient in the highly competitive, customer service-oriented business world. Given the current state of our global economy, companies must find a way to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. Plus, attention must be given to internal customers - your vendors, your suppliers, and (most importantly) your coworkers and peers around you. Neglecting your customer service, whether it impacts external or internal customers, is extremely detrimental to a successful organization.


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    Aaron Barbee, MBA

    Active since Feb 2007

    Aaron has been in the education and training field since 2004 starting with computer, business, and career development classes at the college level. After having taught every program in the Microsoft Office XP and 2003 suites, and even teaching some Customer Service and Interpersonal Communications classes, he moved on to an international law firm where he continues to provide technical and soft-skills training and development for over 1,000 attorneys, paralegals and other support staff. Aaron is extremely upbeat and strives to find the positive in everything in life.

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