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    Direct and Interactive Marketing

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    Is direct marketing effective? Why or why not? What about interactive marketing? Which form of marketing would you pursue for the launch of a new product? Why?

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    Direct marketing can be defined as channel of advertisement that provides one on one and two-way communication between buyer and seller. The broad enlargement of computer and technology such as network facilitates direct marketing. It involves promotional letters and distribution of catalog, outdoor marketing and forms of media such as mail, telephone, online display, ads etc (Lee & Johnson, 2005). Direct marketing provides an effective base of advertisement to companies. It is because two-way communication processes make it more fascinated as it enables to get specific response from target groups. It gives quantifiable results as marketer can analyze the cost of communication as well as output from this.

    Similarly, direct marketing has crossed cultural and geographical boundaries as location does not matter due to the use of network facility that helps to create a direct impact over the customers. Time and location of advertisement can be customized according to need of the customers. For example, one can make order of the product from anywhere and anytime (Mullin, 2002). This customization creates effectiveness as it helps to generate profit regardless intermediary ...

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    Direct and interactive advertising techniques are defined and explored in this answer in terms of which is more effective for a new product launch. The solution is 688 words with many references also provided.