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Effectiveness of Interactive Marketing

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Do you think interactive marketing is effective? Why? What are some different methods of interactive marketing and which would you use for a new product?

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Interactive marketing is effective, assuming that marketers follow Winstanley's suggestions and remember that the point of technology is to get and keep customers, not simply be creative. Interactive marketing must not only generate consumer interest it also must be able to connect and convert consumers into customers. In order to do this the marketing must be meaningful enough to the consumer to get them to buy. This might be through providing enough information about the product or service or giving the consumer enough enjoyment that he or she wants to take part in the experience the brand depicts. In addition, it is important to continue to cull marketing lists, continue to present information to interested ...

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This solution details the effectiveness of interactive marketing, and discusses different methods of interactive marketing especially for use for a new product. It includes links and examples.