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Diversification for Berkshire Hathaway

I need help answering the following assignment regarding Diversification: Explore the websites of the following companies and determine whether the company is pursuing a strategy of related diversification, unrelated diversification, or a mixture of both: - Berkshire Hathaway - News Corporation - Dow Jones & Company

Private Label Brands and National Brand Companies

Private label brands are products that are manufactured by one company and sold under another company's brand. Often positioned as lower cost alternatives to national brands, they have been increasing in popularity over the past several years. Store brands such as Wal-Mart's Equate or Target's Archer Farms are examples of privat

Brand Building, Equity, Positioning Concepts, Market Segments

Find a consumer who is extremely loyal to a brand-name product. DEL MONTE The person can be a family member, friend, classmate, or other. Probe him or her for information as to why that brand loyalty exists. Discuss how the individual feels about competitive brands. HEINZ, DOLE Analyze the interview using the brand eq

Personal Branding Concept Discussion

The concept of branding is often applied to large corporations such as Pepsi-Cola, Nike, Starbucks, or Toyota. Brands communicate powerful associations to the external stakeholders and hence organizations spend millions of dollars enhancing the equity of their brands. Some individuals take the idea of branding a step further,

Consumer Behavior question

A local Kia automobile dealership owner conducted some informal market research and found that many consumers had negative attitudes toward this brand. Explain what can be done to change the cognitive component of consumers' attitudes.

Develop a marketing plan for new sports drink: Cool It!

Marketing Plan: Your company has just developed a new sports drink that is in a container which will keep it cool for up to 6 hours. Develop a marketing plan for this product and then write a paper discussing how you would market the product. This is a 2-part assignment. Deliverable #1 = Develop a marketing plan for this pr

Article review-Skinny Pepsi Can Launch Is Heavy With Controversy

Skinny Pepsi Can Launch Is Heavy With Controversy By: Natalie Zmuda - Bio Follow on Twitter E-mail Author RSS feed Published: February 21, 2011 â?" Advertising Age It's hard to imagine that a brand the size of Diet Pepsi spent only $500,000 on measured media in the past three years combined, but that's exactly wha

Branding their products and services

Companies use a variety of different approaches toward branding their products and services. Heinz uses a branding approach that puts the Heinz name on all its products (Heinz Ketchup, Heinz 57 Sauce, Heinz Vinegar, et cetera.). Proctor and Gamble, on the other hand, uses a different name for each product line (Bounty, Pampers,

Consumer Behavior Fundamentals

After a challenging week, you decide to review the basics of marketing with your team. Discuss how marketers use classical conditioning concepts, such as repetition and stimulus discrimination, in their advertising and marketing. Provide examples, and elaborate on the following: Which companies/products do you think have been

Corporate Branding: Rosewood Hotels

Describe the benefits of branding at Rosewood Hotels. Why should they be concerned with branding all hotels in the product line as "Rosewood"? What is the impact of branding the Rosewood Hotels' on profit? What type of corporate branding strategy should rosewood use?

Difference Between Advertising and Publicity

Please help with the following problem. What are the primary differences between advertising and publicity? Is the differentiation between these two forms of marketing communications important and, if so, why? How ethical is advertising that appears as publicity according to your authors?

Unit 4IP part 1 - Strategic Marketing Plan Submission

Strategic Marketing Plan Using this template, MKT640 Template, draft the following: Objectives & Mission Statement Target Market Competition Product/Service Features Core Strategy Marketing Mix: Communications & Promotion Pricing Strategy Abstract, Introduction, Conclusion Pricing , if not already includ

Brand Marketing Plan

I need help with the following assignment... i) Choose a product that is an end consumer product, not a business-to-business (b2b) product. Some examples of brands or products that you could be the brand managers or marketing managers of include Disneyworld (Orlando, FL), Diet Pepsi, Chevrolet Impala, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Krispy

What else makes this product successful? Have you or would you buy this product?

For a new product to be successful, it must have a significant point of difference from its competitors. Think of a successful new product and discuss its significant points of difference. Is this point what makes the product successful? What else makes this product successful? Have you or would you buy this product? Why or why

Significant changes in cultural values in the last five years

Describe any significant changes in cultural values in the last five years that have come to your attention. How might these changes affect the consumer purchase decision process? How might a manager of a convenience store serving a multicultural population increase traffic through the store? Identify some of the cultural di

Brand Equity

1. In your own words, provide a clear explanation of brand equity and why it is or it is not always advisable to create brand equity. Present a good or service that has little or no brand equity. Why do you think that product has low brand equity? Is it the nature of the product or a poor marketing strategy? Defend your position

Over and Under Pricing - Discussion

Using the concepts of "Over" and "Under" pricing: Give an example of both a product which you felt was â??under-pricedâ? (relative to what you were willing to pay), explaining why you felt it was under-priced, AND a product you felt was â??over-pricedâ? (relative to your valuation of it) but you paid for it anyway.

Marketing Impacts on Society

I. Defines and describes how marketing's impacts society, its benefits and detriments, related ethical issues, and concerns. 2. Also, what are the positive and not so positive things in marketing. 3. Present a general consideration of how marketing affects society, and conversely the implications of societal and ethical c

Development and Pricing for High Technology Products

Assignment: Development and Pricing for High-Technology Products Research the marketing and branding strategies used for the high-technology product you selected. (Spark Nano Real-time GPS tracker) Summarize your research. Address innovations in marketing strategy that have stemmed from the development of technological pro

Brand Equity

Chose (1) a product (good or service), (2) an organization, or (3) a person that seems to exhibit highly positive brand equity and include the following information in your analysis: 1. Name and describe the brand. Concentrate on the brand, not the product. What is its physical appearance? How is it affixed to th

Urban Outfitters Marketing Case Study

Urban Outfitters 1. Explain why Sear or Wal-mart cannot effectively create a trendy counterculture image. 2. Could the big box stores sell merchandise identical to Urban Outfitters?Explain your answer. 3. Identify at least three reasons why exclusivity is valuable. 4. Senk says that shopping is largely entertainment. DO you

Customers have relationships with brands?

This question involves thinking about the meaning that brands have for consumers, the roles brands play, and the views customers have of brands developed through marketing and non-marketing influences. Write a paper addressing the following question: In her 1998 paper, Susan Fournier argues that customers have relationship

Article Review

- Main theme/purpose - Research questions/Hypotheses - Background literature to support research - Methodology - Results/Discussion (i.e., conclusions drawn by the author(s) and important points made by the author(s) - Significance of study/future areas of study - Your assessment of how the information would be relevant