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    Pricing Strategies Examples for Products

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    Please give a couple of an examples of products they've seen recently that used a skimming strategy?

    What marketing situations would need to be present to make skimming a good option?

    Why is a penetration strategy a good one when launching a new product?

    When would penetration strategy be an appropriate strategy to use?

    How does pricing fit with a nonprofit?

    Do nonprofits need to have a pricing strategy? Why or Why Not?

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    Skimming strategy involves charging a high price for a short time. Recent skimming strategies used for new products include the apple iPhone and 3D television. Both products are priced higher than other products in the market when they are first introduced, as there are few competitors with similar products. There are only a few producers of 3D television, though there are many alternatives to the iPhone currently being introduced. It is the newness of the technology rather than the brand that make the products ...

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    What marketing situations would be needed to present to make skimming a good option is determined.