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    Channels of Distribution for Godiva Chocolates

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    Godiva chocolate being a luxury chocolate for those wanting to show their loved ones how much they mean to them...I do know the internet is a huge channel of distribution nowadays and can reach a broad market. Not sure how to analyze the target market though and fit to 3 pages worth.

    When thinking of a luxury chocolate company, analyze the needs of the target market. What is the main target market for this company and what do they want from a channel of distribution?

    If this company was your which channels of distribution would you consider and why (Direct: retailers, wholesalers, dealers, manufacturers rep, indirect: catalog, sales force, internet ads etc)?

    How many channel members would you use and why (intensive distribution, exclusive, or selective)

    If you had to recommend a channel organization, which would be the best fit? (conventional, vertical, horizontal or multichannel marketing system)

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    Godiva Chocolates

    Godiva is a popular luxury chocolate brand with more than 450 boutiques in over 80 countries. It has a strong global brand image in the industry and faces competition with major players like Ghirardelli, Hershey, Cadbury and Lindt.

    The success of brand Godiva lies in their unbeatable marketing strategy and focused approach with a great combination of marketing mix.

    Market segmentation of Godiva:

    Godiva's consumer market can be segmented in the following customer characteristics:

    - Demographic
    - Geographic
    - Psychographic
    - Behavioristic

    Their target segment of Godiva includes high class people from the premium segment of the market, who associate this brand with fashion, style and prestige. It targets high end customers who buy expensive chocolates to pamper their beloved ones (the end user). Godiva has positioned itself as a high end product for special occasions and most people have the perception that it is an unaffordable brand they can't have easily. Godiva mainly focuses on high income group customer.

    The premium target market of the Godiva expects the product to maintain its quality and the luxury brand image in the market as they consider this brand as a reflection of their personality. If it will be available on every second store and in every other departmental store it wouldn't be able to maintain its ...

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