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    Thorntons SWOT and Porters Five Forces

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    Questions and requirements are in attached files. Thorntons Case study, SWOT analyses, Strategic Analysis. I just need 500 words. Bullet points please.

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    STEP 1
    Strengths: Thorntons is Uks largest manufacturer and retailers of specialist chocolates. The size of the company is its strength. Secondly, its increasing turnover is its strength. Third, its excellent quality of boxed chocolate selection and the use of quality ingredients is an important strength. Fourth, the manufacturing expertise of the company is its strength. Fifth, the exclusiveness of Thorntons; principal recipes is its strength. Sixth, the company's ownership of well-located and right size shops are its strengths. Seventh, excellent quality of service including personalized messages is the strong point of Thorntons. Eight, the freshness of Thorntons chocolates is strength. Ninth, the manufacture and sale of ice cream during the low season is an important strength. Tenth, the acquisition and development of larger and better prime location sites is an important strength..

    STEP 2
    1. The profit after tax is declining.
    2. The cost of fitting new shops is expensive and often exceeds 100,000.
    3. The high cost of covering wear and tear of the shops is a weakness.
    4. The quality of particular outlets seems to be substandard.
    5. The hand made chocolates cannot be packed though an automated process.
    6. Increased use of seasonal workers.
    7. The company lost 15 franchise outlets when they were taken over by Clinton Cards.
    8. The sales from new ranges were low, only 4 percent of turnover.
    9. In adequate new products for Mother's day and Easter weakened sales.
    10. The large stock of chocolate eggs for Easter had to be sold off for lower prices.

    STEP 3
    1. The company can sell through different types of outlets, including retail outlets, corner shop, and garages.
    2. The opportunity to make and sell ice-cream to tide over the lean season sales.
    3. There was an opportunity to move to larger and better prime locations like malls, shopping centers and small market towns.
    4. The opportunity to introduce new and updated chocolates, in other words the opportunity to widen the range of products.
    5. The opportunity to develop new cafes so that increased number of outlets could lead to greater profitability.
    6. Increasing the sales and distribution through third ...

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