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    Value of Design for Organizations

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    What is the value of design to an organization? How does the value of design in an organization and the value of design in a culture differ? Do you believe the value of design is important to your organization? Why or why not? Explain your answer.

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    The value of design to an organization is immense. Design sets the tone for the organization, creating for the customer an image of the company and its' products. Design is evident in products, on web sites, company literature, retail locations, and often linked with sponsorship. For example, Google chose primary colors and simple type in its' logo to convey the ease of use, and global connectivity of the company. The Economist's advertisements display a simple red background with a few words, written in crisp white typeface. This conveys the message of simplicity, directness, and no-nonsense, something reflected in the publication itself. ...

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    This solution discusses the value of design for organization, and compares the value of design in an organization to the value of design in a culture. It also gives an example of why design is important to a particular organization.