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    Trends in Non-Store Retailing

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    Find an appropriate article on the Internet which relates to this week's topic. The article can be from any bone fide online business/marketing source. It does not have to be from an academic journal. Articles about trends in e-commerce, direct selling or vending will be the prime focus.
    Read the article and then write a one-page summary of the article, written in Microsoft Word using 12-point font. Follow this format:
    1) Name of the Article
    2) Name of the source and include the Website's address (URL)
    3) Author and Date of the article (must be less than one year old)
    4) Approximately 50% of the paper content should be article summary
    5) Approximately 50% of the paper content should be how it applies to Marketing

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    Trends in Non-Store Retailing

    Name of Article: The Fitness Revolution Will Be Televised
    Source: The New York Times, online. Accessed via the Internet at http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/29/business/29exercise.html
    Author and Date of Article: Andrew Martin, May 28, 2011

    Article Summary: This article discusses the P90X phenomenon, which is sweeping across America. Pitchman Tony Horton has converts from celebrities to sports stars to congressmen using the product. P90X is a mixture of "jumping, yoga, martial arts and strength training, that, in fact, isn't all that revolutionary" according to the article. However, because of successful marketing through infomercials Tony Horton and partners have built a $400-million- a year business.

    P90X has been successful targeting various groups from Christians to senior citizens. The company has ...

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    This solution takes an article from the Internet which relates to trends in non store retailing. 50% of the solution is an article summary, and 50% of the solution is how the article applies to marketing. It includes links and examples.