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    Retail store management

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    From the consumer's perspective, how did the retail shopping experience change over the past 10 years. How do you think it will change over the next 10 years? Incorporate ideas from the IT Supplement and Service Supply Relationships

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    Step 1:

    From the consumer's perspective, retail shopping experience has changed over past 10 years. Currently, the customer views the products and prices on the internet and selects those that seem to provide best value for money. The smart phone and the internet have enabled the customer to compare prices across stores and across websites. The process of decision making has changed. The consumers research products both online and in store before purchasing. When customers go to a store they expect an experience that the online shopping cannot provide. When compared with that of ten years ago, the consumers expect a personalized service and a guided shopping experience. The consumers expect to use a simple, secure, quick, and flexible method of making payments. Further, the delivery times are getting shorter. Returns in store are handled efficiently and with different options to suit the customer's needs.

    Step 2:

    Over the next ten years, the retail shopping experience will change considerably. The retailers will have the ability to use technology to develop intelligence about how consumers behave. After 10 years the retailers will have real time intelligence on who is in the store, how they move, and the products they see. The customers will more often find themselves facing the products they need, so their shopping is fast, hassle free, and easy. Even when a person is passing by a store, he is informed that the product he needs is available. TV shows will sell retail products themselves. Most stores will have self-checkout systems that will be fast, convenient, and will not require queues. Digital store fronts will become common and these will be backed with same hour delivery.


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