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    Marketing Service Design and Delivery

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    This case is about designing a new service.

    (1) Take a fine restaurant vs. a walk-in veterinary and the services they provide. For example, a fine restaurant offers high-end food and great atmosphere. A walk-in veterinary offers the convenience of bringing your pet at any time without appointment

    (2) Compare and contrast these services using any 3 of Lovelock's dimensions (refer to attached PDF labeled Lovelock.pdf).

    Do not define the dimensions or use quotes. Focus on applying the dimensions to those services.

    (3) Now combine both services. For example a walk-in fine restaurant for dogs. Discuss the challenges of providing the new service, with reference to the attached articles (Lovelock.pdf and 32129010.pdf).

    Do not just copy or summarize the references. Present insights.

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    Marketing Service Design and Delivery


    The service sector is the most dynamic and fastest growing industry in the American economy accounting for more that half of the gross national product. Marketing services is as unique as the services themselves are through their unique characteristics of heterogeneity, inseparability, intangibility, and perishability (Zeithaml and Bitner, 2000). These characteristics imply that service marketing require marketing strategies that are unique and different from good marketing. Various techniques and methodologies have been developed to aid managers in planning their service marketing strategies. Among them Lovelocks services classification Approach which rather than classifying services by industry, Lovelocks points out that there are "some characteristics of services that transcend industry boundaries and affect the way marketing is practiced" (Lovelock, 1983). By understanding these characteristics that are shared by these seemingly different industries, a manager can be able to look beyond the immediate competitors and new insights on how to market their services (Lovelock and Wirtz, 2007). This paper analyses by comparing and contrasting the services provided by a fine restaurant of high-end food and great atmosphere, and the services provided by a walk-in pet store which offers the convenience of bringing a pet at any time without appointment.

    Comparing and contrasting the services of a fine restaurant versus a walk in veterinary using any three of lovelocks dimensions.

    What is the Nature of the service Act?

    The services provided by a fine restaurant involve tangible actions directed to people's body. The core service of providing fine foods and great atmosphere is directed at their customers who go to their restaurants. Other similar services along this line include medical services, beauty parlor, beach resorts, and hotels. On the other hand, though the services provided by a walk-in veterinary involve tangible actions, they are often directed at other physical assets which are usually pets. Other similar ...

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