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Nascar: A Branding Success Case Study

I need some ideas to get started on the Nascar case.

Marketing Strategy. Ferrell, O. C. 5TH 11 / South-Western Publishing Co.

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This is an outline of the information for a proposal. I chose teen girls, a less expected audience with great potential. If you have any further questions or needs, please ask. I have attached the document with the question outlines here as well.

Identification of the root problem you feel needs to be addressed in no more than one paragraph.

Women have become an increasing market for NASCAR. However, the women targeted are not teenagers, the group that will provide for a future fan base. One of the most important target audiences has been men and boys. Boys grow into men and their interest in cars and racing is lifelong when begun young enough. Teen girls can provide the same long-term fan base if marketed to in specific ways.

Identification of the target market you plan to attract with the new strategy including demographic, behavioral, geographic and psychographic segmentation descriptors. Include rationale for why this particular market was selected supported by data.

Teen females. The teen female likes boys, fashion, and entertainment. They are a massive group found in all parts of the world. They fully engage with their ...

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