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    Strategic plan: Globalization

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    Your work on your strategic global marketing plan is complete. You now have a plan that will implement, manage, and support a global strategy, but it is far from organized. You e-mail Deborah to inform her that you are almost ready and that all initial planning is complete. A little while later, the phone rings and you see Deborah's name on the caller ID.

    "Hi, Deborah. What's up?" you ask.

    "I'd like you to present to the advisory board next week," Deborah says. "They are very curious about your findings and would like to know if globalization is a good opportunity for the company. The board wants to finalize their strategic plan, and this may be a key part of it."

    After you hang up, you begin thinking through the different items that you will need to cover. Complete the following:

    Is globalization a good move for the company?
    What is your rationale behind this decision?
    What geographic location should be a target for global expansion?
    What background information can you provide to support this decision?
    How will this decision support the overall goal of growth and expansion?
    How would you refute someone with the opposing perspective?

    Formulate and implement business-level corporate and global strategies.
    Compose, prepare and recommend strategies to achieve and sustain a competitive market profile.
    Demonstrate the ability to analyze emerging global marketplace for potential growth and opportunity.

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    In the organization, strategies play an important role in order to formulate the business and to expand the business at international platform. Effective and proper strategies also help the companies to increase in the customer base and to provide an opportunity that support the companies to improve their business in the national and international market place. Implementation of proper strategies for the companies also helps the organizations to achieve competitive advantages over competitors in significant way (Dalic, 2007). In this guideline discusses the plan and the important items that will need to cover. This guideline also covers the importance of globalization for the company and the positive and negative aspects of the decision of globalization.
    In addition, this guideline also discusses the suitable geographic location for the company for global expansion. This guideline also explores the importance of decision in order to support the goals of growth and expansion of the company. At the end, this guideline also provides the arguments for the opposite perspective of the decision.
    Globalization for the Company
    Globalization refers to the expansion of business in the global market. In the other words, globalization is an approach that links the business activity to the international market. With the help of globalization, an organization can also achieve the competitive advantages over the competitor in the national and international market. Through the globalization approach, companies also receive the international frame for the business that supports in increases in customers base as well as their profits. The globalization approach is also helpful for the companies in order to make effective strategies for the customers and to increase the business in national and international market. Globalization helps the companies to make a better platform for the business strategies and implement these strategies in order to generate business and achieve targeted profits from the various markets (Frost, 2003).
    For the custom furniture manufacturer company, it is a good move to go global. Through the implementation of globalization approach in the company, organization can effectively implement its strategies and marketing plan in order to achieve competitive advantages. Due to the global world, furniture manufacturing business has effective demand in the international market and many furniture companies create export and import of furniture that are made in the different countries. The move for globalization helps the company to increase the demand of furniture that can support the company to improve in customer base (Bettignies & Lepineux, 2009). The globalization moves always a god move for the furniture company in order to take advantages from the international market.
    Through the globalization, company is able to link efficiency and productivity with the needs and demands of the international customer. This helps the company to provide quality products to the customers with the low cost. It is also identified that with the move of globalization most of the manufacturing companies are able to increase in demand of the products. It is because going international helps the company to develop the healthy relationship with the customers that supports the company to improve the demand of the products and services in the international market (Daft & Marcic, 2010).
    Rationale behind the Decision
    The rationale behind taking this decision is related to the development of activities in the national and international market. With the help of globalization, Furniture Company can improve actions and activities to serve and cover most geographic area for the furniture products. Through the globalization, company can also generate more profits and improve the financial condition in the market. Through the implementation of globalization approach in the company, organization can also provide furniture products to the international customers. Through the globalization approach, organization can also effectively use its available resources that can support the company to satisfy the current or existing customers (Korine & Gomez, 2002). This can also lead the company to attract new customers in the national and international market.
    The move of globalization is also helpful for the company to maintenance the relationship with the customers. It is identified that globalization approach help companies to make effective relationship with the customers through providing services and products on time. The implementation of globalization approach and activities in the organization, company can also improve its transportation system that can help the company to provide better services to the right customers on time (Heslam, 2004). This can support company to improve its relationship with the international customers more effectively.
    The rationale behind to take this decision is also related to the implementation of global strategies to achieve competitive advantages from the international market. Through the decision of globalization, company can be able to formulate the global marketing and business strategies that can support company to provide a global recognition for the company. Globalization can also help the company to improve its efficiency in the market. It is because through the global expansion, company needs to recruit international managers in order to effectively implement strategies (Parker, 2005). This ...

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