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    The Risks and Rewards of doing International Business

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    Discuss the challenges (risks) and rewards of doing business on an international scale.
    -Discuss the key risks and rewards of doing business outside the USA.
    - Pick a publicly traded company with the goal of global expansion, research their web site and other sources to determine their strategies, success or failure on international expansion.
    - Determine what countries that the company is expanding into, discuss why the company is marketing to those countries.

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    Discuss the challenges (risks) and rewards of doing business on an international scale outside the USA

    Doing business outside the USA (international trade/business) presents itself with various risks as well as rewards. In the US, only about 4% of total exports are carried out by large firms, with 96% of the same being done by small firms. Small firms have over the years come to appreciate the importance of international trade, realizing that the U.S. population of about 280 million people can be limiting in comparison to the world's population of about 6.2 billion people. International trade has the main benefits in that it enhances local competitiveness through exposure to the global market. With a wider market to sell to, international trade also have more chances of increased sales and profits to a firm. There is the advantage of reducing dependence on existing markets and always creating new markets for a firm's products on a global platform. International trade technology also enables firms involved in ...

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    This solution provides a detailed discussion of the risks and rewards of doing business outside the USA, as well as a case study of international expansion.