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    Certain amount of risk involved in doing business anywhere

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    There is a certain amount of risk involved in doing business anywhere, internationally. Choose a country, and discuss the following:

    ?What are the political, cultural, environmental, economic, and trade risks present when doing business in the country as an outsider?
    ?What type of business would you do there in light of the risks?
    > For example, would it be labor or capital intensive?
    > Would it be a manufacturing or distribution center, etc.?
    ?Would it be a representative office or a full-fledged operation?
    > Why should you as a manager be concerned with all this?

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    Please find below the solution to your questions. Thanks, Kiran.

    An international company faces unique and more complex issues than a company operates in domestic country. So an International manager must be trained in facets of international business. These issues include foreign trade dynamics, knowledge of foreign country, legal, political and social traits of the country. In addition to this international managers must also have knowledge about the international exchange rates and economic stability and performance of the country.

    Let's discuss these issues in terms of India in detail...
    1. Political Climate: International managers must assess the political risks inherent in foreign country. India is suffering from political turmoil. Government corruption is a major issue in India. India is a democratic country but ...

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    A certain amount of risk involved in doing business anywhere is determined.