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International Finance Unit Assessment

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Question 1. Propose and present the collaborations of the national-international commercial marketplace. Support your answer with at least two examples and detail where applicable.
Question 2. Propose an argument for organizations to become multinational.
Question 3. Identify and explain evolving market regimes and their outcomes.

Each question needs to be 200 words with references and the book that I am using is Fundamentals of Multinational Finance by Moffett, Stonehill, & Eiteman.

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This response presents the collaborations of the national-international commercial marketplace. Also, an argument is proposed for organizations to become multinational.Also, evolving market regimes and their outcomes are identified and explained.

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In today's global business scenario, there is a need to collaborate national-international marketplaces. With rapidly changing business environment, it is vital for organizations to come up with new idea, knowledge and technology to create benefits for ultimate consumers. By knowing this, it is essential for every organization to build a strong partnership that facilitates innovative products and services at regional and national level (Moffett et.al, 2014). The collaboration among national and international commercial marketplace is increasing in the form of strategic alliances, merger and acquisitions, joint venture, takeover etc.. The purpose of adopting these collaborations is to fulfill the gap in which an organization is lacking to remain competitive and to achieve competitive advantage over the competitors in its region. Strategic alliance is such type of a collaboration, which is generally used by companies in order to work together, so that they can achieve their goals and objectives adequately (Volkmann et.al, 2012). For example, Microsoft and Nokia made a strategic alliance for the purpose of developing a quality based Windows mobile phone for ...

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