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Global Business Plan: Lumber Company

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Rationale for selecting the Republic of Congo, determine the marketing mix, prepare a financial overview- including chart that represents the general budget. Explain how the country will deal with foreign exchange risk for your global operation. Identify potential domestic and international sources of financing and include at least two possible financial institutions within the Republic of Congo.

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//Before talking about the 'Marketing Mix' for a Company, we have to first of all, understand about the necessity of the 'Marketing Mix Plan'. In this part, we also talk about the marketing mix for Lumber Company. So, firstly, we will write about the marketing mix under the heading of Introduction, for example: //

Introduction: Marketing Mix for Lumber Company:

All new established companies require a marketing mix plan for the properly running their business process. The marketing mix plan for the newly established company in Republic of Congo will include a mix of the four main P's of marketing. These four elements are product, place, promotion and pricing. All the four elements are equally important for the lumber company.

* Product: Under this element, the lumber company has to put emphasis on product design, features, style and appearance. In addition to this, product quality is also equally important. Product quality includes design type, material size, etc. Besides this, the company also needs to put emphasis on service, under which it gives importance to pre-sale and after sale processes, service standards, service charges etc.(Sandhusen, 2000).

* Place: Under this element, the company has to put emphasis on the channels of distribution. This includes channel design, type of intermediaries, location of outlets, channel remuneration, dealer principal relations, etc. In addition to this, the company also designs the physical distribution process of the products like transportation, warehousing, inventory control, etc.

* Price: Under this element, the company determines the pricing policy. The pricing policy includes margins, discounts, rebates, payment terms, credit terms, resale price maintenance etc.

* Promotion: Personal selling includes selling expertise, size of the sales force, quality of the sales force etc. Advertising includes media mix, vehicles, programs, etc. Besides this, it also includes sales promotion programs and public relations.

//Above, we talked about the marketing mix plan, which mainly reflects the four P's that are uniformly significant for the Lumber Company. As per directions, we will now, have information regarding the financial overview. In this part, we will also include several budgets i.e. sales, production, purchase, direct labor, etc. //

Financial Overview:

The financial overview of the newly established company can be done through the general budget. A general budget or master budget of the company will include several components like the sales budget, ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1522 words with references.