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    Strategy Implementation: Paul S. Otellini (Intel CEO)

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    Intel, the well-known computer chip maker, is experiencing a major transformation, under the leadership of its new CEO, Paul S. Otellini.

    Do Intel's new strategies align with the new organizational structure, Intel's organizational culture, and its strategic controls?

    Case Instructions:

    Read the following articles about Intel, and conduct additional research.

    Identify new mission, vision, goals, and objectives.

    Identify strategic choices.

    Identify organization design, strategic controls, as well as the organizational culture that Mr. Otellini uses to implement Intel's strategies.

    Evaluate whether there is a fit between the new mission, Intel's strategies, and strategic implementation.

    Write a 4-5 page paper answering the questions above.

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    Executive Summary
    The paper discusses about the new mission, vision, goals and objective of the company. In the beginning the paper deals with the introduction and explains about the company background. The paper basically deals with the changes in the mission and vision of the company after the change of the CEO of the company. The other part of the paper deals with the strategic choices available to the company. The paper also explicates the importance of organization design and diversified culture in an organization. The paper explains about the organization design, strategic controls as well as culture that Mr. Otellini has used to implement strategies. The paper also discusses about the proper fit between the new mission, strategies and implementation of strategies of the Intel Corporation.
    Introduction: About Company
    Intel Corporation is the world's largest semiconductor company and the inventor of the series of microprocessors. The company was founded in the year 1968 as Integrated Electronics Corporation (Intel Corporation, 2009). It is based in California, USA. Intel is involved in making motherboard chipsets, network cards and ICs, flash memory, graphic chips, embedded processors and other devices related to communications and computing (Wheelen & Hunger, 2001). Intel Corporation was commenced by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore. Moore and Noyce were engineers with prominent knowledge and reputations in the field of incorporated course (Intel Reports Fourth-Quarter and Annual Results, 2007).
    Intel Corporation had earned the state of honor of being the world's leading semiconductor company. It has become a domestic name even before its Intel Inside campaign existed (Intel Corporation, 2009). Paul Otellini took over the corporation on 2005 as a new CEO. The new strategic plans are being implemented in response to the Intel products. In year 1984, company had engaged in near about 25,000 employees but in the year 2000, Intel had incorporated 70,000 employees. Craig Barrett was appointed as the Chief executive by the Intel Corporation (Intel Corporation, 2009). Craig was involved in looking forward to expand beyond processors into microchips and products for networking and communications. Grove was appointed as a promoter of Intel whereas Barrett was involved in day-to-day functioning (Intel Corporation, 2009).
    The company is adopting new techniques and technology in order of recognizing the fact that the computers would increase the usage of software. Accordingly, the company is adopting new strategies in order to create values for the company (Intel Reports Fourth-Quarter and Annual Results, 2007). The company has organized a setup system in order to invest in the value chain. The company is involved in paying the software vendors to improve the performance of the Intel chip (Intel Corporation, 2009). In order to develop some ...

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    Strategy implementations for Intel CEO are examined. The expert determines if Intel's new strategies align with the new organizational structure.