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    Comparison of Michael Dell and Andy Grove

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    I had to read cp. 2 & 5.from ( KRAMES. J.A. (2003).
    DESCRIBE MAIN CONTRIBUTIONS each made to the field.
    Discuss the resistance that each encountered in presenting and furthering their research, ideas, or programs.

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    Michael Dell is the founder of Dell Computers. He built upon the idea to sell personal computers directly to customers. In 1984, its first year of business, Dell has $6 million in sales. By 2000 Dell had offices in 34 countries and employed more than 35000 people. In 2001 Dell became number one PC maker, surpassing Compaq Computers.
    Andy Grove is the former CEO and first employee of Intel. He is recognized for his outstanding contributions and extended commitment to invention and technical innovation in the semiconductor industry (Foremski, 2009). His leadership took Intel to achieve new highs in business by taking Intel away from memory chips towards microprocessors. Andy played a crucial role in negotiating with IBM to use only Intel microprocessors in all their new personal computers.
    Both leaders were able to see what needed improvement in the way industry operated. They built business models that helped ...

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    The expert provides a comparison of leaders- Michael Dell and Andy Grove. The expert discusses the resistance that each encountered in presenting and furthering the research, ideas and programs.