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    Customer at the epicenter of business model

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    Chapters 2 and 5 only are attached.

    Each chapter relates to a successful, innovative business professional. You will be asked to discuss their journeys as practitioners and their contributions. Prepare a brief paper in which you compare and contrast the two chapters. Address the following in your paper:

    Identify each business professional and briefly describe their main contributions to the field.
    Discuss the resistance that each encountered in presenting and furthering their research, ideas, or programs.
    Discuss any similarities you see in their professional stories.
    Note how each one differed.
    Finally discuss what factor(s) you think (environmental, professional, personal) may have impacted their success.

    Keep your paper within the suggested length (writing in a concise manner is one aspect of scholarly writing); what is critical in this assignment is that you write clearly, paraphrase correctly, and use citations and references appropriately. Your paper will be submitted to a text-matching service to see how well you were able to discuss these ideas in your own words using appropriate citations; your Faculty Mentor will share the report with you so you can see how you did.

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    Great Business Leadership:

    All the business professionals have one goal in mind; attaining maximum financial profit for the corporation. For this to be achieved they have to ensure that their leadership skills complement the organizations operations to keep the clients and the employees satisfied. It is paramount for the business professionals to confront the problems encountered by assessing the dangers and finally creating a solution that will be beneficial to the company. The following are successful business professionals, using the comparative approach; one will dive into their world to know how they made great and reputable organizations.

    Identification of the Business Professional:

    Michael Dell is the founder, chairman and the CEO of Dell Computer. He has the sole responsibility of a company with a net worth of US$ 14.6 Billion. The management strategy that governs him is attending to the needs of the consumers at all times. Stiff competition in the market by other companies that produce the same commodities made the company experience a tough financial. This led to a reduction of organization market share and caused an increase of investor due to fall of the company net worth. To overcome the problem, the business professional decides to use an enhanced promotional strategy be launching a novel marketing strategy.

    As a great leader he had to look for effective techniques that would reverse the fall of the market share of the most significant product in the company. This he did by developing a direct ...

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    A customer at the epicenter of business models are examined.