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    Seismic Waves

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    Energy released by an earthquake is transmitted to other parts of Earth in the form of seismic waves. What are the two types of waves that are produced during an earthquake? How do scientists use waves to locate the epicenter of the earthquake and to tell about our earths interior? Please help and advise references.

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    Step 1
    The two types of waves produced during earthquakes are P-waves and S-waves. The P waves are primary waves and they arrive at the detector first. The S-waves reach the detector second. The P-waves are longitudinal in nature and the vibrations are along the same direction as the direction of travel. In contrast S-waves are at right angles to the direction of travel. Both waves are detected by the seismometer.

    Step 2
    To locate the epicenter of an earthquake there is need to examine the seismograms ...

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