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    Fracking Industry, Pollution, Seismic Activity: US & Germany

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    The natural gas fracking industry is booming in the U.S., yet it is argued that fracking pollutes water and increase the risk for seismic activity (DW, 2013). Expand on the above. How does this affect the US and Germany?

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    Fracking is a method from which oil and gas molecules can be extracted from dense shale rock formations. This is big news for America, which may become the largest producer of natural gas in two years, and the world's top petroleum producer by 2017. This is a potential boom to American industry and the economy. Obama has stated, "My administration will take every possible action to safely develop this energy"(Spiegel, 2013). But fracking has severe environmental effects: millions of gallons of pressurized chemical laced water and sand is pumped into the earth at high pressure to crack open deep layers of earth- as deep as 13,123 feet into the shale. If the operation is sealed properly then aquifers are protected, otherwise serious contamination may ...

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    This solution discusses the idea that natural gas fracking impacts water pollution and increases risk for seismic activity. It discusses how this affects the US and Germany. APA references are included.