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Company performance review

Harvard Business Case:
June 18, 2001
David F. Hawkins

Seitel, Inc.

Decide on company's operational/financial strategy - what reporting tools to use and assess the financial figures.

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Decide on company's operational/financial strategy
Operational Strategy:
1. The company develops a proprietary library of seismic data created by the company and others.
2. Analysis of seismic data is an important technique used in oil and gas exploration.
3. Most of the surveys of the company were done onshore and offshore the US Gulf Coast.
4. The company marketed its data to the independent oil and gas companies.
5. It follows the strategy of augmenting its database through the purchase of database from other companies. E.g. it purchased the database of Amoco Canada.
6. It also follows the strategy of purchasing databases from other oil companies and competitors.
7. Multiclient seismic survey contracts were a powerful means of building libraries. Seitel financed part of the survey cost and after the client used the data, Seitel retained the rights to sell the data ...

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