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Co-Worker Performance Review

My boss called me into his office the other day to review a project I had been working on. During our meeting, the company president knocked on the door and asked my boss to step outside to discuss an important matter. While waiting in his office I happened to glance down at my boss's desk and saw my coworker's performance review, which included his new salary. Boy, do I wish I had never looked down! It appears he will be making significantly more money than I currently make, and we have exactly the same job.

I am not due for a performance review for another six months. I doubt I can work next to this person and pretend to still be a happy employee, knowing our compensation is so vastly different. I like where I work and don't really want to look for another job. I would welcome any suggestions you might have about how to handle this uncomfortable situation.

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Although you made a mistake looking at your co-worker's salary, you can not necessarily assume that your co-worker is getting special attention in their current role. There are a lot of factors to consider when determining salary even though you both have the same job. Such ...

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The solution discusses how to react in a uncomfortable situation regarding a performance review.